What We Have To Offer Your Pooch

~ 3000 sq ft of secured, double gated yard and indoor play with furniture to lounge

~Covered and uncovered outdoor play area

~ Access to indoors and outdoors at all times

~ Accommodate most age & size
**(The interview process is important to ensure compatibility with established pack)

~ Play amongst the young ones and young at heart
burns off excess energy

~Water play with kiddy pool and sprinkler

~ Constant supervision

~ Socialization with dog & human companionship

~ Young puppy care

~ Positive reinforcement

~ House training aide

~ All dogs screened for compatibility and health

~ Administer medications at no extra cost

~ 25+ years of hands-on animal experience

~Pet first aid certified

~ Competitive rates (see rates)

~ Pre-pay package deal (time restrictions-see rates)

~ Tour of facility by appointment only

"Colleen All Dogs" Doggie Daycare
provides a non-kennel, country-like setting that is a unique,
renovated farm market that comes complete with all the comforts of home.
*NOTE* All vaccinations, including Bordetella (aka Kennel Cough)
and flea control must be up-to-date and verifiable. 
Spay and neuter is mandatory after 6 mths of age. Click here for more information.

**Every dog is screened for behavior, compatibility and health before being accepted into "Colleen All Dogs" Doggie Daycare.  We reserve the right to excuse a dog from our daycare if the dog is an excessive barker, or we
feel they are not suitable and/or for the safety and well-being of everyone here. 
This is about safety and sanity in numbers. Everyone wants to go home happy, pooped out and in one piece.

Aggressive behavior or play will not be tolerated.

**Due to past problems we regrettably have banned the breed of Pitbulls and other fighting breeds from our daycare.
"Colleen All Dogs"
Doggie Daycare

Giving dogs a new leash
on life since 2002.