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to be continued...
Sadie doodle not sure which bone to chew first!!
Oakley lounging on his favorite couch. Yeee Haaa! Having a good run chasing balls and each other. Cairo happy faceChasing the big ball!Oakley, Ralph and Willow are great kids. Goofy girl Sadie. Looking for fun all the time...every where she goes. A wonderful rescue story about Shorty. CERA  rescued him. Now, we see his wonderful spirit. Find out more about CERA on LINKS page.Sweet Ralphy boy.Oakley (L), Sophie (R) and Kahlea basking in some spring sunshine. Zoey's ready to go!Cairo (f) hanging with Mr. Benny.
Callie in the pool.Yumi's pretty min pin face.Murphy doesn't know if he's comin' or goin'. Callie's new brother Quincy. Sweet personality. Kahlea being beautiful.
Goof ball Murphy. Loves helping Colleen raise all the new puppies. Booker T looking really... ummm comfortable.
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